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What if I have grids in my windows?  Do charge for each square?

Most windows have grids sandwiched between two pieces of glass, therefore these are counted as just ONE pane.  If the grids are on the outside of the glass, we will be happy to talk to you about the pricing for those.

What about the small windows on either side of my front door?

We don't charge extra for what are called sidelight windows that flank front doors.  If there is a window above the front door, the panes on that window do need to be counted.

Do I have to clean ALL my windows?

Absolutely not.  If you decide not to have the windows, say, for a basement or a garage cleaned, don't include these in the pane count.

What if I count my panes wrong?

No biggie.  We always count the panes before we start cleaning windows, and if the self-estimate count is a little off, we can make adjustments before we start cleaning.

Do you clean Storm Windows?

Unfortunately, we do not clean windows with storm windows in place.  Many times, these are older homes, and the storm windows are difficult to remove and risk breakage.  If you want your windows cleaned, but you have storm windows, you will need to remove the storm windows prior to the arrival of our cleaning technician, and replace the windows after your windows are cleaned.

$3.90 per pane*


*$100 minimum


Exterior Glass Cleaning

   window cleaning carmel


Interior Glass

Exterior Glass

Window Framework



Screen Cleaning

Basic Window Cleaning

​​Our most popular package, includes:

Interior Glass

Exterior Glass

Window Framework

Complete Window Cleaning

$5 per pane*

Works Window Cleaning

$8 per pane*

Window cleaning carmel What is a pane?
A PANE is simply one continuous piece of glass.  It doesn't matter the size.  It could be a large picture window, or a bedroom window.

window cleaning carmel